Instructions for the online booking process

On this page we describe the process of online booking of excursions, from the selection of excursions to the receipt of vouchers, offers and flyers. We want to make our reservation system as efficient as possible and therefore require the user to perform certain actions within the specified time as will be explained in the following sections. Payment can only be made with Visa, Maestro and MasterCard.

1. How to open the reservation page?

  • Booking button.Only an excursion, that next to the offer, has a button called "Availability check ", can be selected for online booking. The click leads to the "Online booking" page, where the date, place of departure and number of passengers are selected.
  • The online reservation can also be accessed via the list.php page, which contains a list of all excursions available online. Selecting a trip leads also to the "Online booking" page.

2.1. Date selection

  • Date selection.First of all, it is necessary to select the date of the trip for which there are free seats from menu "1. Select the date of the trip". The number in square brackets [18] indicates the number available spots.
  • If there are not enough vacancies or there is no desired date, you can send an inquiry by email.

2.2. Google Maps Locator

  • Clicking on the link opens the Google map.In the "2. Select transportation" section, there is a "Google Maps Locator" functionality, that shows the exact departure position of the ship or bus.
  • By applying it, we come to the "List of the pick-up points available online" page, which contains a list of possible departure points. Clicking on the link of your choice opens a Google map showing the starting point.

2.3. Choice of departure place

  • Choice of departure place.If you have checked the starting point (or if you don’t need the checking), we select it through the "Select the pick-up point" menu.
  • If transportation from your place of residence is organized, you should choose it now. On some excursions it is necessary to come to the port for boarding.

2.4. Selection of the number of passengers

  • Selection of the number of passengers.Finally, the number of passengers and children is selected from the "3. Select the number of passengers" menu. For children up to 14 years of age accompanied by a parent, a discount is common.
  • The service provider has the right to request an identity document for a child who appears large in relation to the declared age.

2.5. Deposit

  • Deposit calculation.The reservation is secured by the payment of a deposit (from 20 to 100 %) or the full amount. This is determined algorithmically and confirmed by clicking on "Reservation + Pay Deposit Now!" button. You pay the rest in cash before the start of the trip.
  • If the full amount is paid immediately, there is no balance.

3. Recapitulation

  • Recapitulation.The selection process ends by clicking on "Reservation + Pay Deposit Now!" button, which takes you to the "Recapitulation" page, where we display a complete offer with all the features.
  • Clicking on "Payment by card" button will take you to the payment form. At the end of the process, the application will send you a tourist voucher to your e-mail. Further steps are described in sections 4 to 7, as follows.
  • By clicking on "Payment by bank" button you will be directed to the instructions for payment through the bank. Finally (upon receipt of proof of your payment), our employee sends you a tourist voucher.

4. Filling the data form

  • Filing the data form.Upon arrival at the "Fill out the form" page, a data form is displayed. All fields are required. It is especially important to check the e-mail address, because this way we send electronic vouchers and brochures!
  • Upon completion of the selection, clicking on "Submit" button, will direct you to the 3D secure PayWay page from T-com, where you will enter your card details.

5. HT-PayWay

  • Payment process: HT-PayWay.Upon arrival on the "HT-PayWay EXCURSIONS AND SERVICES HEINRICH" page, the payment process is performed. It is necessary to enter the card number, expiration date and control number.
  • Clicking the "PAY" button completes the payment process. It is possible that the system requires additional authorization with the token. Finally, you will be redirected to the "Thank you!" page.

6.1 Thanks

  • View all trip information.After the payment has been made, the "Thank You!" page is displayed. There are all the data that will be in the voucher.
  • The booking process is thus completed. Voucher and other documents will be sent by e-mail. Only in the case of a trip to Venice, an additional form will be sent to the user to enter certain information for all passengers. In some cases, the choice of menu should be announced for fish-picnic.

6.2. Payment issues

  • Payment failed.When the payment has not been made, the page "An error occurred while paying" appears, with the words "On-line payment. There's been an error while processing Your credit card. Please try again on the following. Go back.".
    Possible causes are:
  • not enough money in the account,
  • you try to pay with a debit card that is authorized only through the bank of the issuer online,
  • bad internet connection,
  • after 3 incorrect attempts with incorrectly typed numbers, payment with that card may be blocked on that day.

7. Voucher

  • Voucher.Finally, a voucher with all the data arrives at the user's e-mail address. The user only has to make a trip.
  • At the bottom of the voucher are 3 links:
    1. shows a trip brochure,
    2. connects you to a Google-map departure position,
    3. displays proof of payment.
  • In case the payment is made and the voucher does not arrive within 10 minutes, let us know immediately. Then we check the payment, make the voucher manually and send it to your e-mail.