Istria private party - boat trip

It was an exciting party. We have been dancing about 3 hours with great music and fantastic DJs that have created a great entertainment atmosphere. The organizers also showed creativity with posters and friends. Good weather also helped us. A lot of young men and girls enjoyed the fun at the sea. The staff was very friendly and polite.

Boat party video, 1st part.

Swimming in the open sea - boat trip

At one point we stopped the boat. There was swimming on the open sea that lasted about half an hour. The boys and girls jumped from the top deck and were very happy. After that we had a barbecue on board. The food was simple, but great: grilled fish or meat. salad and bread. Drinks were free (except spirits and cocktails) on the entire trip. In the end, guests did not want to leave the boat, indicating the atmosphere of the party. This party was organized during the day, on the sea a few miles in front of Porec.

Boat party video, 2nd part.

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