Rabac Venice ferry

Bus shuttle is canceled since 2020, due to the COVID-19 epidemic but the catamaran is going. First of all, please check your travel conditions for covid-19 disease. Then, please check possibility of the trips from the ports of Pula, Rovinj or Porec.
In any variant of the trip, you will be accompanied by an experienced tour guide during the boat ride as for the first hour of your stay in Venice. The ships are modern and high-speed catamarans. More information about trips and about Venice.

Price: 520 HRK per adult.
Price includes: boat, guide and return. In this option, it is also possible to book just one way.

Fish picnic with departure from Rabac at 10.00 am

Day trip to the city of Cres Boat Monsun. Welcome Drink, and panoramic drive to island Cres. Live music, fun. Visit the beautiful fisherman village Valun and unforgettable beach on the island with the possibility of swimming and sunbathing. Back to the boat & lunch. Afternoon, arrival to City of Cres. A short tour of the city with guide (45 min), free time to rest (1 h). Return to Rabac in a good mood at 17h.

Price: 220 HRK per adult.
Price includes: welcome drink, lunch, guide, live music. Lunch on board: barbecued meat or fish, salad and bread as well as wine and alcohol-free beverages.

For free places on the boat Monsun and possible online booking, please click here:

For fish picnic, travel season starts in March and ends in November.
Information about boat trips from another towns in Istria.

Dolphin watching and aquavision by the boat Sea Explorer

Boat Sea Explore Departure from the port of Rabac at 12:00 am. Ride along the coast. Searching the dolphins. Swimming break. Arrival on shoal of about 3 meters which is surrounded with deep water. This place is very rich with fish, octopusy and crabs. Follows diver show, return and arrival to Rabac at 15:00.

Price: 120 HRK per adult.
The priceand includes: welcome drink, guide and diver show.

Fish picnic Rabac-Cres-Blue Cave on island Cres

Boat Sea Explorer. Departure from the port of Rabac at 9:30 am and ride towards the town of Cres on the island of the same name. Upon arrival, there is a break of about 1.5 hours for a tour of the town or swimming on the beach. After leaving the town, lunch is following on the boat during the panoramic drive to the Blue Cave. Upon arrival, follows anchoring, swimming and entering the Blue Cave. The break lasts for about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Follows return and arrival to Rabac at 17:30.

Price: 240 HRK per adult.
The price includes: welcome drink, lunch (fish or grilled meat, salad and bread or vegetarian menu. During the lunch, there is 0.5 l drink wine, beer, juice or water). Live music.

Day trip by bus to Brijuni islands

Brijuni islands, National Park. This trip is canceled since 2020, due to the COVID-19 epidemic. National Park Brijuni is archipelago of 14 islands. Distance from Rabac to Fazana, from where goes ferry to Brijuni is about 48 km.
Approximate itinerary:
Bus departures are: Valamar Sanfior, Alegro, Amfora, Maslinica at 12:00 and bus stop Labin (ex Varteks) at 12:10. After arriving at the Fazana you will be ferrying.
A guided tour of Veli Brijun. (About 3:30 am)
Around 18:45 Arrival at the hotel.
Price: from 430 HRK per adult.
Bus pick-up, guide and entrance to National Park (up to 210 HRK = 28 Euro) are included in the price.

Excursion by bus to Plitvice lakes

Day tour to Plitvice Lakes This trip is canceled since 2020, due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Plitvice Lakes are 229 km from Rabac. More information about the lakes and the excursions.
Approximate Itinerary:
Bus Departure time are: Valamar Sanfior, Alegro, Amfora and Maslinica at 6:45.
13:00 h Tour through the National Park with guide and lunch in the restaurant
17:15 Departure from the Plitvice Lakes
20:45 expected arrival in hotel

Price: from 445 HRK per adult.
Bus trip, tour guide, lunch and entry fee (up to 180 HRK) are included in the price. The trip takes place every Wednesday from May 22 to September 18.

All prices and schedules noted here are planned for 2019. Prices and schedule will be confirmated on your request.

The Carnival of Venice. Although in February, before we start, the pictures can describe the atmosphere of a floating city.

Venetian Masks.Gondolas Canal GrandeCarnival Mask.

For more information, call Renata Heinrich at at +385989485604 (Nenad at +38598232083), or send request by email. More about EXCURSIONS AND SERVICES HEINRICH. General conditions of the excursions are here.