1) Day trips to Venice by boat.


There are two variants:

The ride by the ferry San Frangisk

Ship  San FrangiskThis catamaran leaves on Tuesday, Friday, Wednesday and Sunday. Departure is at 8:00 and return at 20:45.
Here is detailed description of this trip.

Price: HRK 520 for adults and children pay by the prices of family package.

Local bus shuttle is free.
For travel in one direction, the price for adults is from 415 to 645 HRK and the price depends on the date and availability. In the case, local bus pickup is not available.

The ride by the ferry Adriatic Jet

Adriatic-Jet, in the port San Basillio, Venice.This catamaran leaves on Thursday, Tuesday and Saturday from 7:00 to 20:30.
Here is detailed description of this trip.


Price: HRK 520 for adults, children up to 14 years pay 50%, and children up to 7 years are free.

Local bus shuttle costs 30 HRK per adult.

For travel in one direction the price for adults is always 453 HRK. In Croatia, again is available local bus pickup and costs 30 HRK per adult.

The prices include tour guides but not food and drinks. Bus shuttle from Medulin, Pula, Fazana is available. For travelers coming alone, the departure point is the customs pier in Pula, address: Street Riva next to the Roman amphitheater.


2) Day trip to Rovinj, Lim Fjord and Vrsar


Lim FjordMelissa is a ship of modern design, the length of 30 m.
Departure at 9.00 am
. Panoramic cruise past the famous Brijuni archipelago and along the coast northward. Then we continue through Limski Kanal to the Pirates Cave.
Following is arrival to Vrsar (break of 2 h), lunch, and visit to old town or opportunity for refreshing swimming, and snorkeling. Then, we go to Rovinj, where you will have about 2 hours to see the sights, stroll through the old town, do some shopping etc.
Return at 6.00 pm.

Price: 270 HRK for adult.


Price include: lunch and guide.
Lunch on board: barbecued meat (chicken or turkey fillet), fish (mackerel) or vegetarian, cabbage salad and bread as well as unlimited consumption of wine and alcohol-free beverages at lunchtime.
Available is bus transportation from the places: Medulin, Pula, Fazana and Peroj.
The departure position is on the coast near the cathedral, address: Trg Svetog Tome 2. The distance of the recommended parking is about 400 m. Here is detailed description of this excursion.

For guests not in or near Pula, it is good to know more about boat excursions from another places in Istria.


3) Half day tour to National Park Brijuni.


Brioni islandsBoat: Martinabela. Route:

10:45 departure from Pula. Panoramic drive through the bay, between the islands Andrija and Katarina, along the coast, past Stinjan and the island of St. Jerolim to Veli Brijuni. Upon arrival, a tour of the National Park.

NP Brijuni Tour (cca. 3,30h)
16:30 Return.


It is also possible to have an afternoon variant, with departure at 14.45 clock and return at 20:00 clock.


Price: from 260 HRK for adult.


The price includes: guide and entrance to the National Park.

From here, you can also visit Brijuni alone, but you have just to reach Fazana.


4) Half day boat trips: Panorama Brijuni.


Departure is from Pula, type of fish-picnic, lasts for about 5 hours, give opportunity for swimming.
Price is 225 HRK for adults
, and includes lunch with drinks, guide. Lunch on board: fish or steaks from the grill, salad and bread, as well as unlimited consumption of wine, mineral water and juice.

The shortest tour goes from Fazana and has only of a panoramic drive through the archipelago, what takes 90 minutes. The price is 120 HRK for adults, and in the price are soft drinks. For swimming, it is necessary to add another entry to the island of St. Jerolim at a price of 30 HRK for adults.


5) Boat trip to Porer and Kamenjak


Lighthouse Porer. Departure from the Port Bunarina at 14:00. Drive along Istrian coast to the lighthouse Porer, constructed In 1833, with a tower 35 m high. The journey continues to Cape Kamenjak, which is about 2.5 km from the lighthouse. Kamenjak is a protected area since 1996, important landscapes (IUCN Category: V). Upon approaching the area with caves, anchoring and swimming. Lunch on the boat. The drive continues to bay "Buza" on Kamenjak. Break and swimming again. Return around 19:00.


Price: 250 HRK for adult.


Price includes: welcome drink, lunch (fish or grilled meat, bread, salad and a drink as wine, juice and water).


6) Fish-picnic Medulin-Kamenjak-Porer-Ceja


Car or bus shuttle goes around 11:20 for the area of Fazana and Stinjan and about 11:30 for Punta Verudela, Zlatne Stijene and the area south of Pula. Departure from Medulin around 12:00. Panoramic ride through the Medulin archipelago to cape Kamenjak. Anchor is thrown off the ship and follows swimming in the open sea. If weather permits, it is possible to swim in the Golumbera cave. The boat continues on the south until the Porer Lighthouse and then is turning and driving back. Upon arrival in Krmeda bay, is following lunch, and departure to Ceja Island. Upon arrival to the island, rest or swimming. Return to Medulin 17:00. Return to Pula around 17:30.


Price: 225 HRK for adult.


Price includes: bus shuttle to boat and back, guide, aperitif and lunch. The trip goes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and in the peak season every day. Also, in the high season, a morning variant is also available from 09:00 until 15:00. Price for guests arriving alone on board in Medulin is 200,00 HRK.


7) Dolphin trips in Pula region


Sunset with dolphins from Pula


Depart at about 18:30 from the port under the Arena. The excursion is going by boat Ulika, length 18,13 and a width of 4,72 m. Panoramic drive through the Pula harbor, near the islets of Andrija and Katarina to the Brijuni archipelago. The dolphins watching position is located west of the island Vanga. Enjoying in the dolphin game and sunset. On return, as an attraction for photographing, there are lighting giants - cranes in the shipyard that are illuminated on a special way, so the colors change in time. Back at around 21:30.

Adult price: 225 HRK

The price includes a welcome drink, dinner, and wine, water and juice throughout the ride. Dinner on the boat is: fish or chopsticks, salad and bread, and unlimited consumption of wine, mineral water and juice.


Dolphins trip from Medulin


Departure around 19:00 from the towns port. The excursion is carried by boat Sandra, length 16 and a width of 4.5 m. Drive through the Medulin Archipelago to Donji Kamenjak. Enjoying in the game of dolphins. Dinner with live music at sunset. Return around 23:00.

Adult price: 250 HRK

The price includes a welcome drink and dinner. Dinner on the boat is: appetizer (canopies-salty sardines), fish or grilled chops, salad and bread, unlimited consumption of wine, mineral water and juice and fruits. Live music plays 4x45 minutes (band: drums and guitar). On Thursday there is a planned excursion for adults (older than 16) and Friday for families.


Watching dolphins - trip from Fazana


Departure at about 18:30. The excursion is performed by boat Emilio length 12 and width 4.2 m. Driving through the Brijuni Archipelago. Arrival to the position between the island of Vanga and Vrsar. Watching dolphins. Return around 21:00.

Adult price: 150 HRK

Price does not include food or drink.


8) Day tour by bus to Plitvice lakes.


Plitvice Lakes

The first and best Croatian national park is located 280 km from Pula. More information about the lakes and this excursion.

Approximate itinerary

Departure from the hotel according to following timetable: Banjole (06:40), Medulin (07:00), Horizont and Punta Verudela (07:20), gasoline Luk-Oil (07:40), Bi-Village in Fazana (07:50).

13.00 tour through the National Park with guide
16.15 lunch in the restaurant
17.15 departure from the Plitvice Lakes
22.00 expected arrival and transfer to Hotel

Price in July and August: 680 HRK for adult, else 585 HRK

Bus, guide, lunch and entrance (to 180 HRK) are included in the price.


Pula is the largest city on the west coast of Istria and is very interesting, especially because the coast here is very rugged, with many islands and beautiful beaches. Among the many historical sites, just to mention that this city has the monumental Roman amphitheater, which could receive up to 23,000 people, which makes 46% of today's city population. This is the only city in Istria which has airport.

These are the excursions to the most popular attractions. All prices and schedules given expected to be in 2017. Venice travel season begins in June and ends in the first half of September. In the pre-peak period, it is possible to travel via Rovinj with bus transportation to ferry and back. Other excursions are going from Easter to October. Whole year is opened just National Park Brijuni.
For exact prices and schedule please send us your inquiry.

PARKING! If you come with a private car in harbor, we recommend parking on the street Riva, between the amphitheater and the sea, and between Titov Park and Valerijin Park. Here is the price HRK 8 / hour, with payment on departure.

Carnival masks.Gondolas.Canal Grande.Wooden docks of Venice.

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