For online booking: no extra dates for this excursion except for those described in online booking system can be obtained, but you can try to request bigger number of places by email in the case that you are representing the group.

Position of the ships in harbour, can be find following the link on the map of the city or in description of parking in the fragment on the bottom.

Dolphins hunt at the sunset (by the camera)

Dolphins hunt from Poreč at the sunset. (Hunt by the camera)Departure at 17:30 from the port. Boat: Victoria Drive along the coast and arrival at a position between City of Vrsar and the entry to the Lim Channel. Follow stop on the sea and the engine are running at minimal power. The captain moves the boat a bit, looking for the right position. Several minutes after come the dolphins. They swim around the boat without fear. Return to the port around 20:30.

Price: 180 HRK per adult.
Vine, water and juice included.

For free places and possible online booking, please click here:

Fish picnics to Lim Fjord, Rovinj and Vrsar

Rovinj, the most beautiful city in Istria.Departure from Poreč Welcome drink. Panoramic cruise along the Istrian coast, among tiny islands and through Limski kanal to the Pirates Cave. A short break is followed by the ride to Rovinj. Upon arrival, follows sightseeing of the historic down town and lunch. To recommend are the Church of St. Euphemia, Via Grisia - Street of young painters, the city gate. You can also visit the city market that offers a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and souvenirs. The next stop, Vrsar, provides another chance for swimming or snorkelling.
The price is between HRK 220 and HRK 300.
Price includes: guide, lunch and apéritif. Lunch: grilled fish (mackerel), meat (chicken and sausage) or the vegetarian menu, salad cabbage and tomatoes, bread and drinks like wine, juice and mineral water at lunchtime.

There are 2 variants of this trip:

1) Fish picnic by Monvi.
Fish picnic by MonviDeparture from the port at 9:30-Lim Fjord (short break at Pirates Cave)-Rovinj (2:15 h)-Vrsar (1:15) Return about 17:00. This boat has 2 decks, its length is 33 m and width 5.5 m.
Price is 300 HRK per adult.

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2) Fish picnic by Victoria.
Fish picnic by VictoriaFor guests wishing to sleep a little longer, there is a similar option by the boat Victoria. Departure from the port at 09:45--Rovinj (2 h)-Lim Fjord (short break at Pirates Cave)-Vrsar (1:30 h). Return to starting point about 16:30. This boat is a traditional branch, made of wood, its length is 20 m and width 5 m.
Price is 250 HRK per adult.

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Trips to Rovinj are almost always available. More about boat excursions from another ports in Istria.

Fishing trip from Poreč

Fishing boat Klaudia.The trip is operating by motor boat Klaudia (9,60 m long and capacity of 10 people). Departure is about 8:30 am from the port of Poreč, and the fishing position is about 4 kilometers behind the island of Sveti Nikola. There is a shoal of about 23 meters which is surrounded by a depth of about 27 m. This place is rich with fish. Upon arrival, the ship is anchored. The fishing takes about 3 hours. Return to port Poreč around 12:00 o'clock.

Price for adults: 375 HRK

The price includes: fishing licences and tackle, baits (squid and sardines) and a welcome drink. The trip must be announced earlier in order to obtain a fishing permit. There is also an afternoon variant from 16:00 to 19:30.

Venice by Speed ferries

Price of the day trip for all boats: from 550 HRK per adult. Passport / EU ID required!

Day trip by Prince of Venice.
This journey by the catamaran Prince of Venice, goes from 07:30 (check-in 07:00) to 20:00. Please, check your travel conditions for covid-19 disease.

Important! In case you book this trip online by us, you need to send us voucher number that you received in your e-mail and for all passengers, please: names and family names, dates of born, nationality, sex, number of document you are travelling with (passport or id).

For the trip from the port of Porec (520 HRK), please click here:
For the trip with bus shuttle (550 HRK), please click here:

Day trip to Brijuni islands (canceled, due to the COVID-19)

Approximate itinerary:
Departure from the hotels according to schedule. In the area north of Poreč, bus shuttle is beginning at Lanterna (09:30) and finishing at hotel Zagreb (09:55). In the area south of the city, is beginning at hotel Diamant (10:05) and finishing at AC Bijela Uvala (10:35).

Boat trip:
Brijuni by ship Astral (published with the consent of the owner - Atlas)10.30 departure of the ship from Poreč.
10.50 departure from Zelena Laguna
12.00 departure from Rovinj. Lunch on the boat.
A tour of Brijuni (about 4 hours)
17.30 departure from Brioni.
18.30 return to Rovinj.
19.30 return of the ship to Poreč port.
20.30 transfer to hotel.

Price of the trip to Brijuni: 485 HRK for adult.

Bus shuttle from your hotel, guide, lunch with drinks, apéritif, ship and ticket to National park (220 HRK = 30 euro) are included. The ship Astral is 35 meters long and 13 meters wide, has 3 decks and is one of the best examples of the traditional wooden boats on the Adriatic. The trip runs every Wednesday from June 10 to September 23 of 2020.

National Park Brijuni is magnificent archipelago of 14 islands. Also, for tourist who like to visit national park Brijuni alone, agency can ensure tickets to National park, help to choose free date, appropriate guide and the best parking. In this case is needed to come in National Park alone and the prices for adults are up to 220 HRK. The trip leaves from Fažana which is located about 50 km from Poreč.

Weather and boat trips

Influence of the wind on the boat trips here is not big. Generally, northeast and southeast winds make here a sea quiet and even south wind, if not to strong provides good condition for navigation. Just west winds, if are stronger can be a problem, what is very rare. (Below 2%)


Excursion by bus to Plitvice lakes (canceled, due to the COVID-19)

Day tour to Plitvice Lakes This National Park is an area of incredible natural beauty and aesthetic value.

Approximate itinerary:
Bus shuttle according to timetable: Lanterna (07:25), Cervar-Ulika (07:35), Laguna Materada and Park (07:45), Zelena Laguna - main reception, Astra, AC Bijela Uvala (07:20), Plava Laguna Mediteran and Galijot (07:30)
13.00 tour through the National Park with guide.
16.15 lunch in the restaurant.
17.15 departure from the Plitvice Lakes.
22.00 expected arrival and transfer to Hotel.

Price in July and August: 860 HRK for adult, else 655 HRK.

Bus, guide, lunch and entrance (to 250 HRK) are included in the price.


All prices and schedules are approximate. For exact prices for 2020 and schedule please send us your inquiry.

Poreč can also be used as an entry point to Croatia, because is good connected by bus to the rest of the Croatia. The nearest train station is located in Pazin (20 km).
The city is also the largest holiday center in Istria. Of historical and cultural sites, to mention is Euphrasian Basilica. It is one of the best preserved Byzantine churches in the Mediterranean. Gastronomy is perfect with reasonable prices. The beaches are numerous and see is very clean. Swimming is possible even in very close to the port.

Boat Astral.St. Paul, the fastest catamaran. The interior of the ship to Venice. The landscape of the surrounding area Cvitani near Visnjan. Distance of  the city is about 15 km. The landscape surrounding village  Karojba. (Distance of  the city is about 10 km). The vineyards sloping down to the sea. Street map with parking places. Guided tour during the trip in Rovinj.Carnival mask.

Pictures from 19th to 21st are published with the permission of the author, R. Sironic.
Gallery of fish picnic, day trips and the boat's parties.

Car parking near the sea cost 10 kn per hour and 80 kn per day. Entry to parking is vis a vis address: Partizanska ulica 4, 52440 Poreč, and the distance to harbour is about 900 m. Better is to park on the bus station in the centre (7 Kn per hour and 80 kn per day). The cheapest parking is next sports hall Žatika.

Carnival masks. Gondolas. Grand Canal Wooden docks of Venice

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