Here we offer a bus ride between the boat travels, due to the incomparable beauty of the Lakes. There are also small rides by electric boat on the lake Kozjak

Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes This National Park was incorporated 1979 in the UNESCO World Heritage Site as an incomparable natural phenomenon, an area of exceptional natural beauty and aesthetic value (as one of the first natural sites worldwide). In 1949, it was declared a first Croatian National Park because of its stunning beauty in the karst (geographical term) mountains.

Between 1962 and 1968 a large part of 11 movies were filmed in Croatia taken from Karl May novels. Even the most successful film in this series:“Treasure of Silver Lake“ (originally „Schatz im Silbersee“) was filmed at several places in the National Park, (in the film, Kaluđerovac Lake was the inspiration for the Silver Lake). At the time of socialism in the former Yugoslavia and Tito's dictatorship, and division of the bipolar East-West World, the film co-production between former Yugoslavia and West Germany, echoes sensational. Even more so, because in the former Yugoslavia, as well as in the whole former Eastern Bloc was constantly underlined the role of Germany in the World War II, in the media, movies, and even in the school curriculum. * For these reasons, this film co-production was quite a shock, for the Eastern and the Western Bloc. Because of this, the national park has gained great publicity all over the world and Today there it is 1st target of shore excursions in Croatia.

On the aria of 30000 hectares there is a gallery of 16 cascading lakes whose colours are constantly changing from turquoise to green, gray or blue by natural occurring travertine barriers. There is an extraordinary series of streams, waterfalls, forests and wildlife. It is available more than 38 km of hiking trails, wooden bridges, electric boats and train rides which enable its visitors to experience this natural water-karst phenomenon up close.
It is interesting that the lakes change their shape over time. Because of the particular plant species, and the chemical composition of the stones that solve its minerals in water, occurs sedimentation of about 7 millimetres per year on the rocks and plants that are in the water. This changes the shape of the bottom of each lake.

Upon arrival, our small tour has about 8 km of hiking trails, (included electric boat) and takes about three and a half hours, includes visit of 4 lower lakes (of 16 of them).
Transfer, travel guide, boating, electric train driving, lunch and entrance fee (180 HRK = 24 euros) are included in the price. Recommended is sporty, comfortable clothing and sturdy shoes. The tour is not suitable for children under 4 years.

Excursions from Istria to Plitvice are available from first half of May until second half of September, but for small group or individual persons trip can be organized whole year.

* Constant and long-term invention of the fictional enemies, probably did not improve the quality of life in former Yugoslavia, but it certainly helped to develop a national paranoia that was one of the causes of the war (1991-1995) and the break up of this unfortunate country.

The crystal clear water in the waterfall.The tree of special shape.Lakes as glass terraces.Trouts swim without fear.Duck as a decoration.

Undoubtedly, the biggest attraction in Croatia. In 2017
Plitvice Lakes National Park was visited by
more than 1720000 visitors.

Waterfall, lake, and again ...Path through the water.Fast water.Streams in the forest.

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