Boat trips from Novigrad

Description of the trips

1) Day trip to Venice

Ship offers unique atmosphere for real Venice experience.First of all, please check your travel conditions for covid-19 disease.
Since there is no direct connection by boat from Novigrad to Venice, we begin with a free shuttle bus to Poreč (or to Piran, Slovenia). The road distance is 15 (35) km, so that the bus ride takes about 15 (40) minutes. Transfer starting points are: hotel Maestral, transfers from Mareda and Dajla can also be arranged. Passport / EU ID required!
Price includes: bus shuttle and guide.

Price: 630 HRK for adults, children from 6 to 14 years accompanied by 2 adults are included in the family package, children under 6 years free.
This catamaran sails every Wednesday. For other available dates, see the online booking app.

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Price for adults (via Piran): 600 HRK for the adultes. For families with children: from 7 to 14 years pay half price, and up to 7 years is free. This trip takes place every Saturday.

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2) Fish picnic to Rovinj by Lozna

Rovinj.Departure at 08:45 am. Boat Perla or Lozna. Welcome drink. Driving along the Istrian coast near small places on the coast. From Lanterna on the north, through Poreč, to Funtana on the south, among tiny islands and finally through Limski kanal to the Pirates Cave. A short break near cave, without landing, is followed by a boat ride to Rovinj, sightseeing of the historic center and lunch (2 hours). The next stop, Vrsar, (1 hour) provides chance for swimming or snorkeling.
Also, you can visit the old town, with a monastery on the hilltop. Return at 6:00 pm.

Price for adults: 260 HRK Price includes:welcome drink, guide and lunch with drinks.

3) Fish picnic by the boat Matek

Boat Matek, Novigrad.Departure at 09:15 am. Cruise along the coast, directly to Rovinj. 2 hours break for sightseeing of the historic center and lunch. Following, boat ride in Lim Kanal up to the Pirates Cave. 1 hour swimming next to cave. Return at 5:30 pm. More details about boat trip by Matek.

Price for adults: 260 HRK and includes: welcome drink, guide and lunch with drinks.

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In variant with transfer by bus, price for adults: 300 HRK and includes: bus shuttle, welcome drink, guide and lunch with drinks.

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4) Seeking dolphins at sunset

Dolphin watching boat trips in IstriaDeparture at 18:00. Boat Lozna. Cruise along the coast, about 2 hours. Boat ride up to Lim Kanal where are often been seen dolphins. Return at 20:30.
Make sure you bring your camera. The trip is very good for the children (although finding dolphins is not 100% successful).

Price for adults is 150 HRK and includes welcome drink. Departure time varies depending on the date.

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5) Boat trip to National Park Brijuni

Brijuni by ship Astral (published with the consent of the owner - Atlas)Every Wednesday from 10. of June to 23. of September goes trip with beautiful boat to magnificent archipelago Brijuni.
Approximate itinerary:
Free bus shuttle pick-up times are: Karigador at 09:50, Mareda 09:55, Novigrad bus station and hotel Maestral at 10:00.
10:30 the ship Astral is departing from Porec.
12:00 departure from Rovinj, lunch. A tour of Brijuni (about 4 hours).
17:30 departure from Brioni.
18:30 return to Rovinj.
19:30 return to Porec.
20:30 transfer to the hotel.
Price of the trip to Brijuni is 495 HRK for the adult and includes: a bus shuttle from your hotel, guide, lunch with drinks, a welcome drink, ship and ticket to the National park (230 HRK = 31 euro). Trip is canceled since 2020, due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

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Influence of the weather on the boat trips

The most sensitive are boat trips type fish picnic. In the case of the strong wind of the south (Jugo) and especially, the southwest (Garbin) is not recommended going on this trip. In Novigrad, the harbor is not very sheltered, so large waves can be seen even before the departure. Interestingly, any Northeast wind, even strong (and despite the name: Bura) makes here a quiet sea and favorable conditions for navigation. If the weather forecast is not ideal, you can try a bus trip.

6) Bus trip to Plitvice Lakes

Very long but beautiful trip. More about trip to Plitvice Lakes.

Price in July and August: 750 HRK for adult, else 590 HRK. Price includes: a bus shuttle from your hotel, guide, lunch, and ticket to the National park. Trip is canceled since 2020, due to the COVID-19 epidemic.